Suddenly Everything Changes

Kimberlee and I talked all day about the baby. She was 8 months pregnant and there was a lot to do before the baby came.

She was talking to someone who would install a new boiler.A�She was getting a cracked window fixed, and a door replaced. She also planned to use the following week to wrap up with her clients so she could rest for the remainder of her pregnancy.

“People are going to be in and out a lot Nekita“, She said,A�“All this has to be done before the baby comes”

This was Thursday late morning to early afternoon. I finished what I had to do there and left at 6:30pm.

8:00pm, on my way home, my phone started ringing, I answered, it was Kimberlee’s husband,A�A�“Nekita, can you come back, I think Kimmi’s water just broke!”

“Kimmi’s water broke?!”A�I was in as much shock as everybody else. “..But she has a month left”A�I thought stupidly.

ObviouslyA�she didn’t have a month left as weA�thought. Matter of fact, while she was there planning for the future, God had already decided that her time was now.

It was now and it was very sudden.

It made me smile to think that many of usA�today are still looking to the future for something from God,A�completely unaware that it is going to happen right now.

How awesome it is to think that today may be the day.

We see it all the time in scriptures. GodA�moves suddenly.A�A�He moves unexpectedly. He’ll move when weA�are unaware that He is even moving, and then it hasA�happened.

In Acts 16 when Paul and Silas were beaten and imprisoned, the scripture says,A�SuddenlyA�there was such a violent earthquake that the foundations of the prison were shaken.A�At onceA�all the prison doors flew open, and everyonea��s chains came loose.” -A�Acts 16:25
Paul and Silas had prepared to spend at least that night in jail. How could they know that God had a suddenly planned for them. In an instant, they were not just free, but their status changed from prisoner to guest in the home of their prison guard who, in that moment became a believer.

This is how God works -A�according to his own timetable, with his own agenda. And before we know it, he shakes things up and we are left overjoyed and in awe.

This morning, by faith, we can look for that prayer to beA�answered. That changeA�to come. That promise fulfilled. At long last you’llA�get to see it, hold it, experience it in living colour.

Like Kimmi’s baby,A�It will be here sooner than you think.

I heard someone say once,A�’The day that everything changes starts out A�like any other day.’

So if you woke up this morningA�thinkingA�its just another day, your proceeding thought should be “ metronidazole for dogs, no prescription. Then today could be the day’A�or ‘This could be the week”.A�Let that thoughtA�fill youA�with as much hope and anticipation as you prepare to see changes take place suddenly.A�

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