The Best Me that I can Be!

As a child life was a big competition; and with each stage of development the competition got bigger and bigger and sometimes seemingly impossible to win. At first competing was fun sometimes because I was the first child; I did very little wrong. I was just the a�?stara�? of the family; their world even.A�

However as the other siblings entered the picture and my parents became familiar with the other children around the neighbourhood and in my church, the competition became apparent.A�

The a�?Comparison Regimea�? began.A�

As you are probably guessing, I was a reluctant competitor; especially in areas in which I was weak.a�?

I remember being reprimanded once for taking home a poor report card. I dona��t think I got any a�?licksa��, however the cussing I got felt as if I had been properly whipped. A�I was compared to all my other friends and at the end of it I felt like the biggest non- achiever that ever walked the face of the earth. A�I know it was done in my best interest and with the best of intentions; but it added several more nails in my a�?low self esteem coffin.a�?A�

By the time I was an adult, I saw life as a big competition and my job was to do my best to outdo others because that was the best way to gain approval and to get ahead. However, after a while I began to review my perspective.A�

Was life intended to be a mere competition? A�

Was it Goda��s plan for us to live just to win or outdo each other in all aspects of life?

Did He create us just so that we would constantly try to measure up to each other and copy another persona��s purpose?A�

When God created mankind He intricately designed them. Adam and Eve were different in every way. Their children were designed differently: different physical appearances, different personality traits, different likes and dislikes, different abilities and talents. We who are their descendants are all different! No matter how identical twins are, there are still differences between them. Furthermore, no two persons have the same set of finger prints!A�

You get the picture right?

It simply means that the Creator deliberately designed us to be different!A�

Could it then be that God expects us to add our own unique flair and style to our abilities and shine on His behalf!?

I strongly believe so!A�

God has given us different talents that He expects us to use for His glory. A�

Ia��m not saying that competition is bad, especially as it relates to Sports and activities of a naturally competitive nature. They do help to build character in us and allow us to learn invaluable life lessons from them. What I am saying is that our heart position towards life should be one of humbly serving to the best of our potential with the aim of glorifying God and in so doing being rewarded by God (not necessarily man) for our faithlessness.A�

buy indian erythromycin. Sometimes our focus is soA�centeredA�on outshining each other that we miss out on maximizing our gifts, talents andA�abilities and using them in an effective way to transform lives positively. When this happens we end up feeling inferior to others when we are unsuccessful in different ventures, or less successful than others. We often doubt our competence and fear going after other goals because we dona��t feel as if we are good enough as the others who have similar talents or abilities.A�

So the books, songs, plays, productions we were designed to write remain unwritten, the music ministry we were designed to have never gets launched, the businesses we were designed to create never get started and the ideas that God have given us never manifest . We end up living lives that do not match Goda��s awesome plans for us! A�We end up being ordinary instead of extraordinary!

Like me, you can renew your mind and transform your life to reflect Gods design. Ita��s not always about being the better or best person, but ita��s always about being the best you and giving your best efforts at all times.A�

God will provide the right opportunities at the right time to display His awesomeness through you!A�

Relax and enjoy the journey of life being the best YOU ever!!!!A�

“Whatever may be your task, work at it heartily (from the soul), as [something done] for the Lord and not for men, Knowing [with all certainty] that it is from the Lord [and not from men] that you will receive the inheritance which is your [real] reward. [The One Whom] you are actually serving [is] the Lord Christ (the Messiah).” Colossians 3: 23-24 AMP

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