The Birth of Purpose

Have you ever questioned your purpose on earth? Have you ever felt as if Goda��s purpose for you will never be fulfilled because you keep doing the wrong things?

Are you at the point where you feel as if you should just live your life and work with whatever life throws your way? Do you feel as if you just cana��t measure up to Goda��s standards so it makes sense to throw in the baytril for rats online. towel?

In recent times I have started to research the use of herbs or plants for medicinal purposes. To my surprise some of the plants that I thought were useless bushes and served no purpose, were actually potent herbs buy kaluril without prescription. used to cure many illnesses.

For some of the plants it was the leaf of the plant that contained medicinal qualities, for others it was the root or the bark or even the buds of the plants. No matter how ordinary the plant looked or how unattractive it seemed, it could not detract from the purpose for which it was designed. Even if the planta��s purpose is unknown or it is being misused or even abused, the benefits to be reaped may even lay wasted or may be destroyed but it doesna��t mean that the Creatora��s purpose for the plant is nullified.

The same is true for you.

The mere fact that you are alive means that Goda��s purpose for your life has not been nullified! Ita��s enough evidence to propel you to fulfill those unfulfilled dreams and to use those talents and gifts the way you were designed to. Your purpose can still be birthed or re-birthed (for those who have started to walk in purpose but had stopped along the way). Dona��t be discouraged by the obstacles you face or the mistakes that you make. Get up! Brush yourself off and try again!

Do you remember the story in the Bible about the woman who was caught in the act of adultery? (St. John 8).A� She was taken to Jesus to be condemned and to be given the judgment that was issued to persons who were caught committing adultery – being stoned to death. He could have easily ordered her to be stoned – He had all legal rights to do so. However Jesus saw that her life contained purpose that was yet to be birthed. He gave her another chance to live and used her life to speak to many others who were in messed up situations.

As the year comes to an end and you are reminded of the messes of your past or the visions and dreams that werena��t fulfilled. Dona��t feel down hearted. God has granted you another chance to walk in purpose. He has not given up on you. You still have the opportunity to live the purpose you were designed for. You may feel ordinary or even fearful of achieving Goda��s will for your life but dona��t worry about it. Trust God to help you overcome your fears. He has already orchestrated doors of opportunities to be opened on your behalf as you walk in faith.

Today marks another chance to birth purpose. Embrace it!

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