The Blessing

I heard a sermon a few days ago that spoke about the blessing of God and what it is.

I listened carefully and then I realized that most believers are not walking in the promises of God. To be frank many kingdom citizens are not even aware that they are blessed.

Through the restoration of the connection between humans and God by the effective blood of Christ, I was reminded that we are His children. In light of this, we have the authority, the dominion and certain rights as we pass through this journey called life.A�

Does this mean that we will not have hardship? No it doesna��t, but it does not take away from the fact that we are still “Blessed”.

There are many benefits derived from being the righteousness of dormidina. God. Some we are unaware of, but they exist.A�

Did you know that you are called to be the head and not the tail?

You may not feel like it but you are!

A wealthy man who doesn’t know that he is wealthy and powerful does not nullify his status. He is simply just not aware of it. Likewise there are things we are unaware of as children of God but that does not cancel what has been provided.A�

Being a blessed child of God means that through hell or high water a way will be made. It means regardless of what people celexa through mail. say or do, all things will work together for your good. It also means that whatever you choose to acquire, once it is not of selfish desires shall be granted.A�

I’ve come to understand that this is only a matter of belief. If you can receive this message by faith it becomes simple. I believe the greatest block to living a more fulfilled life is our belief system. It is so hard as adults to run with a word (or message) because it seems so simple.A�

I am on a 90 day Blessing plan. I haven’t fully thought out what this period will be like and honestly I cannot imagine it, but I am determined to believe for these 90 days and onwards that I do not have to toil for God’s blessing because I already have it.

I have His favour and I have His Grace but most of all I have His Love.

Believe with me. You are Blessed!A�

Listen to Donald Lawrence – The Blessing is On you!A�

About the Author: Natassia Wright is the co-Author of the book, MindFood, Recharge your Mind, 31 Day Inspirational Guide as well as the co-Founder of the Leadership Empowerment Group, Mind Food along with her husband Jamar Wright.A�


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