The Dream

I was in my living room with a man who was asking me for directions to St. Ann. As I was directing him he showed me a car key and asked me to step outside with him. When we got outside he showed me a beautiful bright red motor vehicle that was parked in the front yard. I examined the vehicle seemingly uninterested as he stood waiting to hear what i had to say. I looked at him and told him i liked the vehicle but that i would prefer another and i started describing the one i liked.

When we returned to the house i started to feel very uneasy. Somehow i knew that he was planning to harm me and i felt very strongly that it would have been a sexual attack. At that moment I decided to find a way to escape though I didnt quite know how. I watched as he exited the front bedroom as if indicating that it was time. ‘Let me take a shower first’ I told him and he agreed and returned to the bedroom. I stood still as i watched his back disappear into the darkness of the bedroom and when i was sure that he was out of sight, i ran to my bedroom and quickly took a change of clothes.

With the clothes in my hand I went back into the living room and quietly ran pass the front bedroom where he was. My intention was to escape through the front grill but when I got there I saw a security officer standing guarding the grill. When i saw him i was not fearful for some reason. I got close to him and in a hushed tone i said, ‘open the lock but dont let it make any noise, i dont want him hear’. Without asking any questions he did as I asked and as soon as he opened the lock the grill flew open and i ran into the open space.

I saw myself running down the street in my community turning into lanes and as i ran i felt fear coming upon me. I thought the man would come after me any second so i kept on running until i got to an abandoned building. I climbed the stairs quickly and stepped inside to the deepest darkest corner of the empty room. I sat on the floor and pulled my knees to my chest and i waited in the darkness. A few moments later i heard someone walk in and i was terrified. I looked up with a startled gaze and saw a man with a Bible in his hand sit across from me on a high stool.

I breathed a sigh of relief when i saw that he was not the man i was running from. As he got seated i realised that other persons were walking in as well and as they did the room didnt seem so dark anymore. I watched as a young girl about age 13 or 14 came and sat beside me and as I looked at her I knew she had been abused and was running away also. Within minutes more women walked in and sat on the floor with me and again i knew they were all abused women. A mentally insane woman who lives in my community walked in as well and also sat on the floor with the group. The man who was seated on the high stool started speaking and told me he was a christian. He continued to explain that the women who were there with me needed a leader and he looked at me intently as he said it. His eyes told me that the leader would be me.

After that I saw all the women at the front of the building in a big beautiful yard playing. I stood from a distance preparing what seemed like a meal and marvelled at how very happy they seemed. I then heard the insane woman call out to me from where she was, she yelled, ‘Sandie this is what you should name it’. I walked over to where she was and saw her writing the message to me on a wall. When i got in close proximity she pointed to it and repeated, ‘Sandie this is what you shouldname it and on the wall i saw the letters, ‘’.

As I stood with her I heard a distant voice speak to me. The voice which had no physical presence said 2 words:



I started having a dialogue with the voice as i was being told the 3rd word. Somehow i felt the 3rd word (which i now do not remember) was too similar to another and thus redundant.

The voice is one i cant quite describe, I only know it was that voice which gave me

Evidence of Fitness.

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