The Family

“No other success can compensate for failure in the home.” – David O. McKay

It is not wrong to say that people who grew up in a loving and supportive family have a tremendous advantage to succeed in life over those who didn’t grow up in a supportive family. That isn’t to say that those who didn’t grow up in a supportive family will not succeed, because we have seen many examples of people achieving their goals and attaining great wealth despite being from a poor family background.
The family is the first institution God created for mankind. It is also second in importance, following closely behind our relationship with God. However for most of us, this ranking of the family is far from the truth.

In today’s world, we are so busy trying to make a living that the family is neglected. We believe that by always working, we are doing the good of caring for our family, not realizing that our absence in fact breaks it down. Broken families then lead to a broken society, which causes a fallen and failing country or nation. This is so because it is a group of families that create a society and it is our society that forms a nation or country.A�
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Is it a coincidence that God placed us all in a family?

The family is the place we first learn how to submit to authority, to love, to be kind, supportive and to work as a team to fulfill a purpose. It is sad to say, but many times, this is not the case. Most homes are filled with chaos and disunity. Family members are not nurtured in a stable loving environment but fight against each other. They excel in building bigger houses but not better homes.

Dysfunctional families create a society that is filled with violent behavior and very little or no order because people did not learn how to submit to authority, to be loving, kind,and supportive from the home. Due to dysfunctional families, many have found gangs or porn shops to be safe havens, they found what they were lacking at home in the wrong places and end up becoming a menace to society.

William J. Bennett once said, “The family is the original Department of Health, Education and Welfare. Society has yet to invest a better means of raising healthy, well-adjusted people than by placing them in loving and intact families that live under godly principles…the church family. Church and government occupy separate spheres of life but depend on each other.”

For us to become effective in society, we have to first become effective as a family, and everyone in the family has his/her own role to play.

If anyone does not know how to manage his own family, how can he take care of God’s church? (1Timothy 3:5)

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