The Key is Remembering

I was on my way to New York about 2 years ago for vacation. I was going to meet up with a few friends of mine for some well needed fun and games.

My friend got to New York a few days before me and arranged to pick me up from the airport. A few hours before I left Jamaica however I got a message from her saying she couldna��t do it because something had happened.

She suggested that I take a taxi from the airport to where she was in Brooklyn but I didna��t like the idea very much.

At that time I remembered that my ex-boyfriend was also in New York visiting his Mother. I told her that I preferred to ask pacific care pharmacy port vila. him instead.

She agreed.

I made contact with him and he agreed to pick me up. I gave him information for the flight and the expected time for arrival and I headed to the airport.

The plane landed in New York some 3 hours later. I was exhausted (dona��t really like flying that much). I hurriedly made my way through Customs and then to the Baggage area, grabbed my luggage and proceeded to wait in the lobby.

It was New Yeara��s Eve and cold in New York City. Everyone was dressed in their coats and boots and scarves. It was my first time visiting during that time so I was not as adorned as everyone else. I found a seat a little distance from the door and sat.

Whenever someone entered I could feel the harsh bite of winter on my face. I just wanted to leave the airport and get to a warm bed asap.

I sat patiently and waited while talking to my friend on Whatsapp.

a�?Is he there yet?a�? She asked.

a�?Are you sure hea��s coming?a�? she questioned.

I could not get through to him but I wasna��t worried and I expressed this to her.

a�?I know he is coming. He told me he is coming…a�?

I sat in the lobby and waited a�� maybe over one hour. The thought of worrying never entered my mind, no what ifs. I knew that if he said he would come and get me he would unless something really horrible happened.

Sure enough a while later I recognised his cousin pacing through the lobby. She was looking for someone and that someone was ME!

a�?Sanika!!a�? I called out to her.

We hugged and then I grabbed my bags and we headed to the harsh outdoors where the warmth of a familiar face greeted me.

This memory came back to me as my friend Nekita and I spoke this morning. She was encouraging me to continue to trust in God as we reflected on some of the blessings that have come my way.

a�?God is giving you double for your trouble.a�? She told me.

When she said that I thought about the trouble. There was so much trouble to endure throughout the process and there still is.

a�?That process could have killed mea�? I told her. LOL! It does feel that way at times.

a�?No sah, it couldna��t kill you. We just dona��t know enough to take things easy. We worry all when God says, I GOT YOU! And thata��s why your message continues to be a�?trust Hima�� because trusting Him is the answer to a worry free and fearless lifea�?

a�?Thata��s why he blesses usa�? she went on. a�?So when next time comes and it looks impossible, we remember the last time it looked impossible and it shouldna��t look so impossible after that. We end up trusting Him because he did it last time.a�?

I just love the way she helps me to put things in proper perspective.

I reflected and I guess so did she because we both said a�?Thank uuuuuuuuu Lorda��. We knew we had so much to thank Him for. For all the times He worked out seemingly impossible situations, for all the times things worked out for our good just as He promised it would.

Thank you Lord.

While at the airport on that cold New Yeara��s Eve, I rested. I rested in the word of a friend who said, a�?Sandie, I will come get youa��. I never doubted him. Even when he was late I never wondered, a�?omg! What if he doesna��t show up!?a�� I knew that I could trust this person and if I can trust him how much more can I, can we, trust God.

This message of trust has been so constant in this season and Nekita reminded me. I guess it keeps getting reinforced because I am not yet firmly rooted in my faith in God. Something may work out now but another situation may pop up later and I waver. I question. In the newness, I wonder, a�?how is this going to work out?a�? forgetting the times when it worked out before.

Like I sat at that airport and rested, God wants us to rest as we wait on Him knowing fully well that He will come through on His promises. Knowing fully well that what He has spoken concerning us will come to pass. It may seem to linger at times but it will surely come.A� Though at times it feels so hard these are things that we can believe

May this word encourage your spirit today as it ministered to me. The key is in the remembering; remembering what He did the last time. Only you know fully what He has done for you.

May the Holy Spirit pull back the curtains of memory and remind you, even as far back as childhood, of Goda��s faithfulness. May you be reminded of those times when it was He and only He who kept you. May you rejoice in that memory and believe now that if He did it before He can and will do it again.

He never lets us down.

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