The Messengers

This morning I met a man while walking to work. He was ahead of me and when he turned around and saw me he slowed his pace until i caught up with him.

When I was right beside him he looked at me and said, ‘…You shouldna��t wrinkle your forehead, you are a flower in a rose garden. You know sometimes someone has a flower in a garden right in front of them and everyone sees how beautiful it is but the owner cant see and instead of watering it they allow it to whither, you are that flower, dona��t wrinkle your forehead…’

I listened to him and smiled and told him I would make a conscious effort not to and we continued walking.

I thought he was about to engage me in romantic talks but he changed the conversation and began talking to me about Christ. He told me he remembered the time his life changed, when he accepted Christ and was filled with the holy spirit. He recalled the date when it happened and the approximate time and told me his life has never been the same.

He then said, ‘there have been those days when I felt as if God wasna��t with me because I didna��t feel the way I felt in the beginning but he was always there…I remember one night I couldna��t sleep and I said to God, God I just dona��t feel you, I want to feel you again and I just felt when the holy spirit filled me up and I started laughing and a voice said to me, go to bed…a��

He moved on, ‘sometimes the devil will use people against you and it will always be the people you dona��t expect, your church brother or sister, your mother or sister…this will happen but you have to know when it is the devil and change your response. Sometimes though we may know it is the devil we might still get angry and fall into sin but God doesna��t want that to happen, that is what the devil wants…’

I then asked him, ‘how did you know to stop and bank of america branches in ma. talk with me?’ but I already knew the answer. He responded by talking to me about motive. He said, a�?we should always know our motive for doing things because sometimes we want to do good things but our motive is wrong and God doesna��t like that. I had to assess my motive before I stopped to speak with youa��a��

He then told me his name and asked for mine and looked at me and said, Remember you are a flower in a rose garden, you are most beautiful in this world’ and within seconds he was gone.

I then felt rain drops on my face, it was starting to rain and I felt like crying. What a ‘coincidence’ that he would just stop and talk with me I said to myself.

The messengers are everywhere.


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