The Power in Release

I was travelling home from work when I got a prompt to visit a friend who works in Kingston. I heard the little voice so clearly as I drove towards Half Way Tree from Hope Road. I decided to be obedient and followed the leading.

It didna��t take me too long to get to his office as the traffic was flowing freely. I imagined how pleasantly surprised he would be to see me especially because I hadna��t called to advise him that I was coming.

When I drove into the complex I saw an old lady sitting at the entrance. I drove in and headed towards the back where my friend worked.

When I got there I saw a friend of his who smiled when he saw me.

He walked towards the vehicle and told me that my friend wasna��t there. He had worked at another location that day.


I had made the stop for nothing.

I turned the vehicle around and drove towards the front of the building where the woman was still sitting. I approached the gate and almost made my way through when I got another prompt. This time to give the woman I just passed some money.

The prompt came in so strongly the moment I passed her.

I stopped the car suddenly, pondered a bit and then removed my purse from my handbag.

On the inside of my purse I saw that I had $1,150.

I wondered what amount to give her. Should I give her $150 or the $1000 bill? I felt strongly to give her the latter except that I would have a small issue if I did that.

I sat in the car trying to see how best I could work it out.

See, I was wondering how I would get home if I gave her what I was being instructed to give her. It would cost me $180 to pay the toll to get home. If I gave her what I was being told to give away I knew that I would be short. I looked in the coin section of my purse and saw nothing.

What a dilemma.

I thought about driving another route except that way was so much longer.

As I sat there wondering, I had a thought to is synthroid available on line. do the strangest thing, to ask the woman if she had any money.

How did that even make sense?

There I was being instructed to give the woman most of what I had and at the same time being instructed to ask her for money? Nevertheless, I obeyed. I put the car in reverse and went to where she was sitting.

When I got there I wound down the window on the passenger side.

a�?Hia�? I said to her. She smiled a little, and said hello.

a�?Do you have any money?a�? I asked her, feeling a little silly.

I watched as she got up from her seat and walked towards the car.

a�?Me no have no money, you knowa�? she told me as she fumbled her hands over her colour printed dress. Her hands rubbed up and down until it slid into two wide pockets. I sat with anticipation.

a�?A this me havea�? she told me, and her wrinkled hands stretched towards me.

When I looked, to my utter shock and amazement, it was $30 a�� the exact shortfall that I needed to pay the toll.
I told her a big thank you and opened my purse and gave her the $1,000 bill.

The look of gratitude on her face that had seemed so worried filled my heart. I knew in that moment that I had done something right. I drove off with an incredible sense of peace and headed home.

What amazed me the most when I think back on that experience is that the woman was willing to give me the last that she had. She could have easily held on to what she had but she was willing to release it, and when she did she opened up herself to receive so much more.

She received more than a triple fold. Bless God! What a powerful lesson.

Recently I thought about it and this is the bible verse that came through to me when I remembered, “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over, will be given to youa��a�? Luke 6:38

As you release your hand and give to others, so will God allow others to pour into you. He always sees our sacrifices. He sees our heart. He sees the number of times when we release that which we could have held on to tightly and He will reward us for it.

I wonder how the woman would tell the story about what happened to her on that day. It would be nice to hear her testimony. I believe strongly that she was praying to God for help or maybe just running things over in her mind. What is amazing is that even in her time of need she was willing to give me her coins without even asking what I needed it for.

In turn she was blessed with a miraculous exchange. So too will you be blessed.

Today I am just here to remind you that God has not forgotten you. Many routes are being changed and people are being sent your way to offer help. As you give what you have; your time, money, smile or even just an encouraging word God will ensure that you are taken care of. He will pour right back into you.
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