The Process of Healing

The first time I travelled to the USA there was only one thing on my mind a�� the purchase of a specific acne medication.

I had seen so many commercials with testimonies from other people, including celebrities about how it had worked wonders on their skin and I was set on giving it a try.

I had been struggling with acne for years and I figured this was my magic potion.

When I arrived in the US I could not wait to hit the mall. The clothing stores were not as exciting a�� I was set on searching for the booth where the medication was sold.

I purchased the face wash, astringent as well as a mask and on that very same day I started using it.

Each day for the following week I would stand before the mirror longer than usual and examine my skin. I was looking for results.

The first two days I think I even fooled myself into thinking that it had started working. Needless to say, it was too soon.

I continued with the regimen faithfully each morning and night and I almost became obsessed with wanting to see fast results.

Going into the second week nothing seemed to be happening. As a matter of fact, my skin seemed to be breaking out even worse than it was when I started.

As you can imagine, I wasna��t too pleased!

How di heck dem say it a go work and me start use it and di bump dem a get bigger!? KMDT!

I was so annoyed.

I began making enquiries about the product and got feedback that seemed to be the biggest joke of my life at the time.

After I expressed how I felt to someone who had more knowledge of the product than I did, they told me, a�?It is going to get worse before it gets better. That is how it works. It pushes everything on the inside to the surface and then it starts clearing up. That is why it seems as if your face is breaking out now. You have to give it timea�?

Last night as I lay in bed I had an inclination to write. I was thinking about my spiritual journey with God and how hard it feels at times and it was this incident that came back to me.

In my mind I heard, a�?acne meditationa�? and I was brought back to the experience that I had with the medication some years ago.

I believe it was Goda��s way of reminding me that I had to go through a process and at some phases of the journey things wona��t be easy or pretty but I had to go through it nonetheless.

I curled up in bed and thought of the different things that have surfaced in different seasons; some ok, some not so ok and some downright ugly.

The ugly things have not only come from the outside but some of the ugly things I have also seen in me; the way I respond to some situations, times when I get angry, experience double mindedness or have been self centered.

However despite all of my shortcomings, every single time I find myself at my lowest point; in my spirit, my emotions, in my body or my mind a�� God always comes through. He always comes through with a special word of comfort as if to say, a�?My child, just keep on going. I am not leaving you. I am still here special one; still by your side. In the valley and on the mountain top, I will still be here. Stop worrying, just give it another try…a�?

Have you ever experienced the Lord like that?

Have you ever been in a low down dark moment and something just happens or comes through that gives you the strength to go on another day?

When that happens you just know that it is God. Though you may not cheap viagra without a prescription. be able to explain it fully to another person you know deep down that you were saved or pulled out of a troubling situation.

I shared this post with my friend Nekita and she responded, a�?But ita��s so true, the things we go through now, what if ita��s God bringing out all the bad things to clear them away and refine our lives? It doesn’t feel good. And you think, no man, something wrong. But ita��s the process.a�?

She could not be more correct.

It is a process and we all have to go through it.

There is a spirit or a force that sees us when we are going through. We may not be able to see it or be able to fully understand but there is penicillin online. a strange and active interaction going on. I know from my own experience that no matter what we are going through, that we are not alone.

Today I want to highlight the words spoken in Deuteronomy 31:6 to comfort a heart, “a��He will never leave you nor forsake youa��a�? That is a promise that we can all hold on to.

We can find true comfort in knowing that God never leaves. In the good times a�� in the bad times a�� during moments of break outs and in moments when everything is clear and smooth. He is always there and it is for this reason that we can all trust Him.

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