The Stretch

After a long day at work I sat at my work station completely drained.

The demands on a daily basis are beginning to take a toll on me, I almost screamed at a friend out of frustration.

Ia��m tired and Ia��m drained and I feel as though I cannot go another minute under such conditions. I cana��t help but ask a�?why now?a�?

At a time when I have the biggest event of my life planned and 3 weeks approaching, everything else seems to be going wrong. My boss wants this done tomorrow and by the way tomorrow is today (Saturday) so I will be at the office.

My family needs me and the event is our priority.

I found myself complaining a few times this week, about the things I believe are not going the way I thought they should be going and maybe you have too. But have you ever questioned, a�?what if I am where God wants me to be? What if He wants me to stretch to a new dimension? What if this is meant to propel me elsewhere?a�?

Most assuredly your dreams will purchase birth control pills canada. be just as hectic. When you become the movie producer you dream of it will feel the same as you feel now: out of place, taxing on your body, frustrating and sometimes painful, yet it brings you joy. When you become that top lawyer you will sometimes feel burnt out.

Could it be that you are getting a taste of the future? If you are unable to handle this, will you be able to handle what is to come?

T.D. Jakes said something in a sermon I have always remembered. He said you can always know what God is leading you to become by your experiences. For you to be able to cope under a lot of stress and be able to produce even when there are many demands on your gifting tells that He will be using you to do great things. It shows that you are meant to serve in large Ministries.

Could it be that what you are complaining about is the very thing that God is using to groom you?


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