The Sweetest Thing

Do you remember where you were when you came in contact with the spirit of God?

Perhaps you are yet to have your own unique experience, but when you do it will be so special and it will not be easy to forget.

I remember the day like it was yesterday when I came in contact with His Spirit. Like a man walking up to a woman on a busy street so the Spirit came to me.

I was living in Portmore, St. Catherine thailand on line drugs. at the time and worked in Kingston. There was a bus that I boarded in the mornings that took me straight to work.

I loved the convenience of having just one straight ride from home to work.

The ride to work was a little different than what I was used to. The bus had a microphone and the bus driver encouraged passengers to volunteer to lead devotion.

I didna��t know much about God at the time and I never really cared much about Church or Christianity but after hearing the devotions for some mornings I began to pay attention.

From the outside it wouldna��t seem like I was. I didna��t clap, didna��t sing along or pray with them, but I listened and the words shared were a source of inspiration and upliftment for me on many mornings.

Some days I would step in the bus with a feeling of heaviness but the devotions always made me feel so much lighter.

One day during the devotions something happened to me.

I was sitting in my usual spot and a plump dark woman was leading worship. I glanced from where I was sitting and saw her with the microphone some seats ahead.

I dona��t remember the song she was singing but I remember and will never forget what happened somewhere in the middle of her worship.

As she sang I peered outside at the cars moving in the opposite direction. I was sitting in the corner as the sweet sound perfumed the atmosphere.

I remember especially that morning how low I felt in my spirit. I was sitting in the corner and sort of leaned to the right as I gazed outside.

Then something happened.

Just where I was sitting I felt as if somea��thinga�� came to where I was. It was like a sensation. At first I felt myself wrestling on the inside as if I couldna��t breathe and then there was an incredible sense of calm and peace over me. It was so strange.

Another morning during worship, it happened again. It almost felt as if a presence came to where I was and embraced me. I sat in the midst of it and tears came to my eyes and ran down my face.

That second time when I came off the bus I messaged my friend Nekita and told her, a�?something happened to mea�� and I described the experience. She wasna��t a Christian at the time but she knew it was a good thing.

Whatever happened turned something in me. It made me curious about the woman who was singing. non prescription advair. I wanted to talk to her and I wondered which Church she went to.

I wanted to know more about that a�?thinga�� and I wanted to feel whatever I felt on the bus again.

A lot has happened since that day. I went in search for that a�?thinga�� and have found so much in the process; some good and some bad.

The a�?thinga�� I experienced that day was the Holy Spirit though I didn’t know it then. It is the thing that I sensed again today as my co-worker Kandi and I sat in the office talking about God.

There was such a calm in my Spirit. I told Kandi that our conversation felt like a gentle river and I could imagine a leaf flowing on it.

That is how the spirit of God has been for me. Forever I search for it in the midst of all the confusion and noise of religion.

Over the years I have sat in so many sermons, listened to so many things, received so many messages and met many people who share with me about God. Some of it, if I am to be honest, makes me feel exhausted.

Behind it there is sometimes a kind of chaos and clattering but it is always so different when you come in contact with Goda��s Spirit.

His Spirit frees you. It builds you up. There are times when I meet people (and I look forward to these moments) and there is a stark difference. After interacting with them I leave feeling so encouraged, as if I am prompted to go be a better person. I also feel so encouraged to walk in my God given purpose, as if the dreams that God has put in my heart are worth pursuing.

Other times I interact or listen to something and I feel so broken down, as if I am no good and God doesna��t want me. I am growing to learn that this is not His doing.

God isna��t one who always hands us a popsicle and tells us ita��s going to be alright, there are times when He chastens us but that chastening doesna��t come with condemnation. The aim is to restore us and get us doing the right things and walking on the right path again.

My sheep know my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow. a�?They won’t follow a stranger; they will run from him because they don’t know his voice.” John 10:5

It is that voice that we have to yearn after. It is that voice that we have to get acquainted with and know how to recognise. There is something that quickened in my spirit that day on the bus and I continue to get that quickening whenever I come in contact with the sweetness of Goda��s Spirit. It is the sweetest thing.

Knowing how to recognise it helps us to discern what to embrace and what to reject and this sense of knowing is so needed in this time.

When He speaks to you, do you know how to recognise Him? Can you differentiate His voice from all the others?
I know for sure that He wants us to know and He wants us close to Him.

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