The Ugly Duckling

One of my favourite fairy tale as a child was the a�?Ugly Ducklinga�? by Hans Christian Anderson. I never grew tired of hearing or reading the story.

I enjoyed the beginning of the tale which spoke about his mother waiting anxiously for him and his other siblings to be hatched.

She couldna��t wait to see how he would look because his egg was the biggest one in the brood.

She imagined how beautiful he would be, just as beautiful as his other siblings.

I could just picture her imagining their fate and all the things they would do as a family and how much they would all get along (I had a very active imagination even as a child), however I didna��t like the middle part of the story at all because the duckling that emerged from the egg was very different from the others and he was treated accordingly.

He was actually described as ugly and his childhood was filled with incidents of scorn, disappointments, hurts, abuse, fear, anger and mockery; which all stemmed from the fact that he was rejected by those he loved the most – his family.

I endured the middle of the story because I would then get to the best part – the end, where he discovered that he was not ugly but different from those around. He was never a duckling but a swan.A�

At the end of the story all he endured did not determine who he was destined to be but instead helped him to truly value finasteride shop. who he really was. It was a fairy tale that gave me hope that one day all that I faced would make me beautiful.

Of course I was thinking more along the lines of becoming someone so great and popular that how I looked physically wouldna��t matter anymore. Instead they would focus on my great achievements and my accolades and how valuable I was; in other words I wouldna��t be outstanding just because I was fat.

Leah, the wife of Jacob also felt like the ugly duckling. (Genesis 29:17) She paled in comparison to her younger sister Rachel. Rachel stood out because of her beauty and this caught the attention of Jacob. He was deceived by his Uncle Laban, who offered to give him Rachel as his wife if he served him for seven years, but instead gave him Leah to marry much to Jacoba��s disappointment. He then worked seven additional years for the hand of Rachel in marriage because he loved Rachel more than Leah.

Leah spent a lot of years in her marriage feeling rejected by her spouse and tried to gain his acceptance and love by having his children because Rachel for many years could not conceive. With the birth of each child she hoped that she would win her husbanda��s love – but she failed miserably.

In looking at Leaha��s life I realise that she spent so much time trying to get Jacoba��s approval and so she failed to see how much God loved her and how precious she was to Him. She was so valuable in His eyes that God chose her son, Judah, to originate the lineage that Jesus, His only son, would come from.

Isna��t that awesome!?

Leah may have been less outstanding or even less valuable in the eyes of others but to God she was the apple of His eye. She was full of purpose and He had mighty plans for her life through her children.

I no longer see myself as a fat, ordinary and ugly girl who will never be outstanding in the eyes of others. I now see myself the way God does: I am fearfully xenical online no prescription. and wonderfully made, I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, I have the Spirit of excellence upon my life and I can overcome any challenge that comes my way, God loves me with an everlasting love and He has perfect (beautiful) plans for my life which I will fulfill!

Dona��t live your life trying to win the approval of others. Live your life in a way that is pleasing unto God. He will transform the rejections, the disappointments, the hurts, the fears, the pain, the abuses and the contempt you have faced into His beautiful plan.

Trust God with your life and watch yourself evolve into His perfect design for you – the swan you were born to be.

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