The Word is Life

There are those days when your heart feels so very, very troubled.

Some days you feel as if God is so far away and you want nothing more than to just hear from him.

Sometimes the words of your Pastor or friends just wona��t do because they already know you and know of your situation.

Sometimes you want to hear from a complete stranger, someone who knows nothing about you and what you are going through.

You want to hear them say, a�?thus saith the Lorda��a�� or a�?you young girl, the Lord tell me fi tell you saya��a��

Sometimes that is what it takes for some of us to believe, some radical move of the Holy Spirit.

I remember once I had such an experience.

I was at work and someone called me. The woman on the other line explained that she didna��t know how she had dialed my number and she went on to say that it must be the Lord who wanted her to contact me.

She started speaking to me about my life and about the things God wanted to do with me. She told me that I would receive everything i desired but I first needed to seek Him.

Her phone call was so timely. She addressed everything I was going through, everything I was thinking and worrying about.

When she hung up I called her.

It felt so surreal; I had never experienced much of God before. I knew nothing about the leading of the Holy Spirit and I understood nothing about the prophetic.

When she answered I asked her, a�?how did you know to say those things to me?a�� and she told me, rather simply, a�?Goda��a��

As I sit here I am thinking of all the people who are walking around in our world waiting to hear a word.

I see visions of young men, old men, young women, old women walking around with their heads bowed low and their eyes pinned to the ground. The cares of the world are weighing them down.

I also see www.where to buy nizoral in canada. visions of Believers walking around in a daze. They move but with no sense of purpose. They have the word of God within them but they do not have the courage to bring it forth. The spirit of the Lord prompts them to act and to speak on his behalf but they do nothing and the people who are waiting to hear pass them dying.

I remember how I felt after the woman came off the phone with me. It was so many years ago but I remember even now.

When I hung up, I immediately felt an air of expectancy, my hope was renewed and well a�� I just felt happy.

I was not yet a Believer but on that day I experienced a sense of freedom.

That is just what happens when we come in contact with God.

The lady who described herself as Sister Mary allowed herself to be used by God but what if she had not been obedient? I would not have this testimony to share with you today and I would not have experienced what i did.

There is so much that is happening in our world that threatens our very sanity. Now more than ever we need God.

Luke 4:18 says “The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, because he has anointed me to preach the gospel to the poor. He has sent me to heal the brokenhearted, to preach deliverance to the captives and recovery of sight to the blind, to set oppressed people free.a�?

The same spirit that is mentioned in this verse is still functioning today and is upon every Believer.

As carriers of the spirit of the living God we shouldna��t be afraid to do what He commands us to do.

There are so many people who are just dying to meet him and He gives life – and life more abundantly.

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