Then and Now

Before driving out for work I decided to slip in one of my old school gospel CDS. You know those songs that really make you feel like all of heaven is close by you.

Yea, one of those.

I think my friend Natassia was the person who compiled the songs for me.

Bless her soul.

There were so many songs to listen to but one really got my attention as I journeyed to Kingston in the traffic.

It was Shirley Caesara��s, a�?Hea��ll do it again.a��

It was so encouraging.

The first verse starts as follows:

a�?You may be down and feel like God has somehow forgotten, that you are faced with circumstances you can’t get through. But now it seems that there’s no way out and you’re going under. God’s proven time and time again He’ll take care of you.a�?

And the chorus:

A�a�?a��And He’ll do it again, He’ll do it again. If you’ll just take a look at where you are now and where you’ve been. Well hasn’t He always come through for you, He’s the same now as then. You may not know how, you may not know when but He’ll do it againa��a�?

I dona��t believe I have ever really listened to the words of the song before but can I tell you how it touched me deeply that morning. I needed it because I felt down in my spirit.

It came at the right time and really got me thinking of Goda��s faithfulness, so much so that I personalized the words as the song continued.

a�?a�� if I take a look at where I am now and where I have been. Hasna��t he always come through for me? He is the same now as then. I may not know how, I may not know when, but He will do it againa��a�?

The words became my own testimony. I could relate to what Caesar was sharing through music.

I thought of my journey so far and I could see how carefully everything had worked out for me. Long before I even cared to seek God things had a way of going in my favour. I used this as evidence of a much higher power who has always been interested in my well-being.

The problem is that I sometimes forget. There are times when I face challenges; whether in my spiritual life, emotions, relationships or finances and I feel all alone. I feel like and at times even tell myself that I am going through everything by myself forgetting all the times before when these thoughts and feelings proved inaccurate.

That morning the song was a call to remembrance; of all the times God came through for me. A call to remember that if He did it before He can do it again.

Ia��m putting the same to you too.

I dona��t know what situations you may be faced with right now. I dona��t know the thoughts going through your mind. I dona��t know what may be happening at home, work or in your relationships. Only God really knows.

Ia��m encouraging you though to do as the song challenged me to do that morning.

Think of your own journey so far. When you reminisce, can you see any evidence of things that He has done? Can you recall an occasion when you thought all was lost but He made a way? Can you recall a time when you felt all alone and He showed you that He was and always is right there?

Perhaps right now you are faced with other challenges. Different things have a way of presenting themselves in each season, dona��t they? The moment you overcome one thing something else pops up. Right? Such is life.

No matter what is going on know that God can fix it. How do you know? Because He did it before. Use the words of the song as your encouragement. Take a look at where you are now and where you have been. He has always come through for you and He is not about to forsake that promise that we can absolutely trust and rely on Him. We may not know how, we may not know when but He will do it again.

Just you wait and see.

Be encouraged.

Photo credit: Candiece Morrison


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