There is a star within you

I stood glued to the Television screen listening to Shelly-Ann Fraser-Prycea��s interview after she won the 200m finals in Moscow a few days ago. It was so inspiring.

For me the interview was just as and even more exciting than the race itself. Shelly-Ann is one of the few athletes who I believe is able to deliver a stunning interview. She was just born to be a star.

When concluding the interview the interviewer wished her, a�?Good lucka�� and she turned and responded, a�?I dona��t believe in good luck, just hard work and determination.a�� What a response!

Later I read all the posts on my facebook wall. People worldwide were showering her with adoration:

a�?Shelly we love you!a�?

a�?Shelly you made us so prouda�?

a�?Goooo Shelly a�� So proud to be a Wolmerianne.a�?

As I looked at a photograph of her hugging the Jamaican flag I remembered the Shelly I met a few years ago in high school. None of us knew that a day would come when the troublesome, talkative teenager would represent Jamaica on a world stage and do so very well. We were only able to see the Shelly who stood before us but inside there was long term side effects trazodone. a star waiting to be born.

I realized then that we never know who is in our midst and even more what lies within each of us. Are we even aware of our true potential? How many more Shelly-Ann Fracer-Pryce and Usain Bolt are there just waiting to be born out of us?
I spent some time wondering if Shelly ever imagined she would achieve everything she is experiencing right now and at such a young age.A� I guess she could never really tell. We can all have hopes but we cana��t ever know what the future has in store for us.

Shelly-Ann shared something significant in her interview though. She shared something that is essential; success does not come as a result of luck, it comes out of hard work and determination.

Can you imagine all the long hours of training she had to put in? How many of us would be willing to do that a�� to push despite pain and be determined to go that extra mile?A� How many of us would deprive ourselves of sleep and present gratifications to train and prepare ourselves? No matter the area of our callings we all have to train and prepare. God wona��t shower His blessings on us unless we have gone through some training and are fit and ready.A�

Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce is such a fabulous success story and I think flagyl pills order. we can all learn a valuable lesson from her. It doesna��t matter where we are coming from, it doesna��t matter the circumstances that we find ourselves in. None of us have any control over where we are born but in each of us there is a star and hard work and determination is the spark that will set that star soaring.

AGE QUOD AGIS! – Whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability!

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