That Time God said No

I will never forget the overwhelming feeling that engulfed me when I had to finally accept the fact that God said no to something that I really wanted.

At first, I was in denial.

I thought I was hearing voices or better yet, it was only me talking to myself.

Negotiations started and questions as to why He would put me in such a difficult place, rationalizing why I was supposed to get a yes.

I knew I wouldn’t have won as I couldn’t convince Him enough to let it happen, but in the back of my mind I was going to try anyway.

Moments of heartache and (seemingly) empty hands, left me wondering why He had said no to something I desired so much.

“He must not know how much I really want this”, I thought to myself.

With feelings of despair I thought He was withholding a good thing from me and not giving abundantly as He said in His word.

My heart wept!

I tried pulling myself together but disappointment lingered. I knew it was time to let go but I just wasn’t ready to let go so quickly.

I believed that I deserved to grieve and I did. I knew that eventually I would have to move on after going through the process.

Kyra smiles.

Shortly after, the Lord started encouraging my heart as I slowly started obeying.

I remember hearing, “God will break you to position you. He will break you to promote and put you in your right place. When He does, He doesn’t hurt you… He does it with grace.”

My heart rejoiced!

Sometimes when God tells us no, it is to create space for more of Him and what He wants for us. In moments where we are forced to reconcile disappointment, it may not feel like it, but He uses His word to comfort our hearts and remind us of His promise of abundant life.

God always has our ultimate good in mind, which means He will pry idols from our hands.

Even when it hurts, His “no” is always merciful and it is always for our best.

Glory to God

[About the Author: Kyra Simpson also known as Kerry-Ann Simpson is a devoted Christian who lives in Spanish Town, Jamaica. She recently discovered her true calling in Media. She is passionate about the things of God and wishes to use her talents to glorify Him.]


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