Unfolding of a Grand Design

I am happy with the way things have turned out.

Never did I think a day would come in my life when I would be able to say that. Not after all my complaining over the years and my constant wish for things to be different.

Wish my mother had her own homea��

Wish I grew up with my familya��

Wish my mother did this or my father did that…

Wish this or that didna��t happena��

So many wishes and all the wish I wished and with all the complaints I was not able to change a thing. Life unfolded in its own time and in its own sweet way.

Now I am at a place where I am able to look at everything more objectively. I am older now and with maturity comes wisdom.

My perspective has shifted a great deal.

I see now that if things had not happened in the way they did many things would not have come my way. I was not able to see it this way before but many fuck with impunity viagra. of the things I complained about set the stage for me to be blessed and to be blessed tremendously.

We really and truly cannot understand Goda��s plan and the reason He takes us on our own individual journey.

While on my way home I thought about the story of Joseph. He also had to take an unconventional path. While other young men his age enjoyed the comfort of living at home with their parents he was sold into slavery by his brothers and had to live among people he was not related to.

I can imagine the struggles he felt at times in his heart and mind; perhaps some of which were not even recorded in detail.

When we look at the latter part of his story however we are able to see that all along an awesome plan was unveiling. At the end of it Joseph could have said, a�?I am happy with the way things have turned out.a�?

What seemed like it was meant for harm turned out for his good and things worked in such a way that it not only benefitted him but also his brothers who meant him harm and also his extended family and country.

So what am I saying a�� Sometimes God has to shift us around and send us along the most unlikely path so that he may put us in a position to be blessed and witness the miraculous in our lives.

We may not be able to see the full plan as it is unfolding but in retrospect we may see that a grand design was unfolding all along.

Like me you may have moments when you question the path that your life has taken. You may wonder why things had to happen the way they did and why it could not have been different. You may look on others who seem to have had a smooth road cut out in front of them and feel discouraged but dona��t compare your story with theirs. You dona��t know why God has taken you along this path and how necessary the pieces of this part of the puzzle are to fit things together.

Trust Him.

Yes, try to trust Him even when it does not seem to make sense. In our earthly wisdom and limited vision we are not able to see everything. We cannot understand it all but I do believe that God is the master planner and he weaves and orchestrates things to our benefit.

Whether you believe it or not He is orchestrating things in your life right now. Rejoice for where you have been and where you are now as it is setting the stage for something new to spring forth in your life; something bigger, something better.

It had to happen this way. The steps you took were necessary. Dona��t wallow in regret a�� you will soon be happy when you see just how things will turn out.

“That moment when you realize that all this time when you were worried and impatient, the Father was busy trying to get everything in order for you… Watching the pieces to the puzzle come together.” Courtney Gordon

[photo credit: www.keithrn.com]

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