Watch your Thoughts: An Important Reminder at Spanish Town Market

Saturday morning I got up early and made my way to the market to get fruits and vegetables.

It was time for a cleanse!

I am having the most awful eczema outbreak.

Usually when it gets this bad, I know that it is an emergency call from my body to adjust my diet.

As I was about to step through the front door I felt my arms itching and with it came the unbearable urge to start scratching.

“I wish someone would tell me what to do!” I thought to myself before heading out.

I wanted a quick DIY (do it yourself) method to try.

I thought of doing a google search when I returned home or stopping at the pharmacy for assistance.

I drove to Spanish Town, parked my car and quickly headed to the market. The mission was fruits and vegetables with a side note to remember to purchase honey to use as a substitute for refined sugar.

The market was its usual self, a melting pot of activities and a boiling ground for various scents. It’s amazing how I have not lost my love for the place as I have grown over the years.

I started by enquiring about the prices from the first few vendors I saw. That way I would know whether I am getting a good deal once on the inside and could better assess who to buy from.

How much fi pound a tomoto!?

How much fi onion?

Uh much fi Irish!?

Mama ain’t raised no fool! Lol.

A lady directed me to a stall to get the honey and I got some papayas while standing there. The price was good too.

I then remembered the lady I saw sitting on a box selling star fruit (some call it jimbilin) who beckoned to me as I passed. I figured it would be a nice fruit to snack on instead of junk food so I walked back to her.

As I was speaking to her a man approached me. It was the same man from the papaya stall. I wondered if something was wrong.

He walked up and stood right next to me and whispered, “use baking soda” as if in confidence.

I didn’t catch on right away but he continued, “use baking soda. Just put some in some warm water and wash it over your skin. That alone. Nuh use nothing else.”

“Ohhhhh”, I realized he was giving me a remedy for eczema.

I thanked him profusely and he nodded and walked away saying nothing more.

That evening after finishing my market shopping and a few household chores I laid in bed itch free.

I had taken a bath earlier and did just what the man told me to do and the sense of relief was incredible.

I messaged my friend Nekita and told her about the experience.

“If God good one more time. It got me thinking of the need to be mindful of my meditations, the things I think about and ask for the earth is listening for the internal commands and is acting on them with or without us knowing.” I told her

“That’s amazing!!! Look at that. And you are right. The Bible says God knows what we have need of even before we ask. So while you were simply thinking he answered.” She responded.

Nekita is that one friend you can count on to take a simple experience and turn it into a deeply profound message or sermon.

But she was right!

God does know what we are in need of even before we ask. It says so in Matthew 6:8. He hears the silent ponderings of our hearts and He hears everything that we consider in our minds.

I think that alone should remind us to be ever so mindful of the things we think about and the requests we make because believe it or not our thoughts are active.

If a random stranger could walk over to me and give me a solution to the very problem I was having only minutes after I thought of it, I am forced to consider what else is manifesting in my life as a direct response to my meditations. Consider also what may be manifesting in your life as a direct response to the things that you are nurturing in your head.

The world is a canvas on which the thoughts and meditations of people are being printed.

Watch your thoughts for they become things, whether they are good or bad.

[About the Author: Sandie Heron lives in Saint Catherine, Jamaica with her Sister Roxanne and Dog Jackie. She enjoys writing and Video Production and desires to walk in purpose and fulfill her divine destiny.]

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