Web of Lies

The Father of liesa�� thata��s what the Bible calls Him.

The Devil? Yup, same one! Also referred to as the accuser, the enemy or the devourer.

I have not really focused much on this entity over the years.

I mean sure I believe that evil forces exist but I am not one of those people who get up each day blaming every single occurrence on an unseen force that is seeking to sabotage my every move.

Some things I think are just natural, however as I mature I am beginning to see that we really do undergo spiritual warfare and sometimes the warfare happens in our minds.

A friend and I got to talking about this recently. In our conversation we shared some of the things that we were hearing in our minds. It was such a relief to be able to speak to someone about some of the thoughts that I was hearing and it was even more reassuring when I realized that I was not alone.

I was not the only one who was enduring attacks after attacks on my mind and you certainly are not the only one either.

Have you ever stopped to really think about some of the thoughts that you hear in your head? Sometimes the thoughts pop up and they are so accusatory. You are blamed, sometimes even threatened a�� a full on assault goes on.

So what are some of the thoughts that pop up? What do the accusations sound like?

>How you a preach to people and you have so much problems?
>You no read the Bible yet but you a gwaan like you holy!
>You no know enough to help people!
>You no go Church! you no good!
>God upset with you!
>You think him pleased? Watch what a go happen to you! Watch what him a go do!

Does any of the above sound familiar or similar to you?

Perhaps you are taunted about other things in your mind; things you did or things you didna��t do. No matter what the end result is that you always end up feeling so condemned and defeated and sad. It causes us to feel so undeserving of Goda��s lovea�� undeserving of the grace that He so freely provides. Instead of moving closer to God you feel rejected and this makes you not even want to bother to pray or perhaps even worship.

Why would you bother? Why bother to go to God? Why bother to talk? Why bother to try for closeness when you already feel as if He wants nothing to do with you.

That is how the lies work. They seek to create an anchor in our minds a�� to change our belief system and weaken our faith. Sadly we dona��t always recognize it and so a�� we suffer.

I know what it is like to have those darts coming at the mind for minutes, for hours for days. At times it can be brutal. We suffer at times in silence because not everyone has someone who they feel comfortable sharing things with.

Right now as you read this, you may be going through one of those moments. I pray Goda��s peace over you.

You are feeling defeated because of everything that you have been hearing in your head. You feel sad, you feel like a failure. It is almost as if you are losing hope. You feel condemned, unredeemable, unloved and rejected. And why wouldna��t you feel like this when you have been subject to that cialis 5. taunting voice in your ears all day long feeding you lies?

The devil is a liar! Rebuke Him!

While He speaks lies, there is another that speaks truth and nothing but the truth to us. The voices are so different. One seeks to condemn while the other seeks to convict, correct and get us going on the right path again.

While the truth rejuvenates us the lies have no intention but to sap our spirit of joy, to steal, kill and destroy everything that God is seeking to do in and through us.

It gets tricky I know when the lies seem believable. It gets tricky when the lies are interwoven with snippets of things that you have actually done.

You feel as if you have no choice but to accept it because well, he must be right. Herein lies the deception because the accusations never just stop at that one thing.

That thing is used as an opening to enter your mental space, to plant a seed in your mind and eventually cripple you spiritually.

That is the plan. That is the aim but guard yourself. Though you may have messed up God still loves you and forgiveness is still possible.

We still dona��t understand just how much He loves us and that is the problem. We still do not understand what His voice sounds like. The rebuke and taunting and condemning feelings that come upon us are not of Him!

We have to learn to recognize His voice and remind ourselves of the loving sweet way in which He always communicates to us. Even during times of chastening there is still love. The spirit of love never says, a�?You fool, you will never get better!a�? No no, that is not love! And certainly, it is not God.

Counteract the lies by covering yourself in the truth of Goda��s word.A� There are so many wonderful promises that were written to remind us of the truth.

I was in bed a few days ago for example and I heard something as I rested. I will share it with you now, a�?the things that you have been hearing are all lies. You should not listen to the lies neither should you question Goda��s love. New days are coming.a�?

I knew the voice that was speaking and perhaps you recognize it too. It was the small still reassuring voice of the Holy Spirit.

May your spiritual ears be open to that voice and that voice only and may you begin right now to feel the warm embrace of God’s love.
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