What are you willing to give up?

Keisha after a late evening at school decided to head to Burger King for a snack. She thought since her parents would both get in after 8pm from service she would need something to eat anyway.

The closer she got to her favourite restaurant the more anxious she became, she could literally taste her meal.

Keisha went right in but just as she was about to order she remembered that there was a trip planned for the weekend and the money she was about to spend could be saved to pay the fare. As the cashier grew more impatient, Keisha withdrew herself from the que to review the situation.

“Whopper or Beach Trip?” she went back and forth for approximately 5 minutes then proceeded to leave the store. As the security opened the door to allow her to exit he asked politely, “Did you change your mind? No longer hunger?” and she replied, “Hungry yes but for the beach trip.” The gentleman gazed at her most confused.
The above story should remind all of us of a time when we had to sacrifice something we desired for a greater purpose. It should also recall the struggle we faced mentally when it was time to make a decision. It is quite normal.

I certainly go through similar issues from time to time but whether the decisions are big or small they all teach us one thing – we can’t always get what we want.
I can imagine what it must be like for single parents for examples who are always faced with difficult decisions. Imagine having to give up going to a child’s football match or school play because of work or visa versa. Consider also a teacher who decides to spend time with a child who needs help instead of rushing home to prepare their spouse’s meal. And what about the father who has to make a choice between watching his favourite sport on a Sunday evening and his wife’s desire for communication.

These are not easy decisions.They are tied between what they would want to do and what should be most important.

Just as I am writing this article it dawned on me, what if I could set up a system, a table of importance so to speak? At the top of my hierarchy I could place God or my spiritual life, secondly family, then third health, business etc.
It makes sense in my opinion.

There are times canadian family pharmacy online. when everything seems haphazard. We find ourselves having so many things to do that we fail to prioritize. We end up putting the things that should be last on our hierarchy first and that which should be most important last.

Doing that which should be of high importance first helps to put our lives into perspective and not to mention save us time healthmedicalcare biz. and stress.

Can you imagine paying your cable bill before paying for electricity? That would be senseless!!! Obviously you don’t plan on watching TV period.
The topic of sacrificing and prioritizing also includes our desires. As human beings, we are constantly led by our desires. Take women for example, we always see a cute hand bag or shoes that we want. Don’t get me wrong, I love nice things but if we focus too much on acquiring too many nice things we can neglect stuff that should be of high importance.

Long and short of the message, sacrifice for what you believe is right but most essentially what is urgent and important.
It takes discipline and hard work but good small decisions will eventually lead to greater ones. Be patient with yourself as well. It will take time.
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