What can God do with what you have?

We all have something that we can use to glorify God, but we often belittle or undermine that which He has given to us because we think that it is too small.

That is the thought that came to me as I sat in a conference hosted by Natassia and Jamar Wright of MindFood International at Petroleum Corporation Jamaica in Kingston recently.

I was listening to Mr. Rondell Allen (aka Rondell Positive), recording artiste and second speaker at the event and I felt so incredibly convicted.

He got on stage late in the evening in a royal blue blazer and a tablet in hand.

a�?How do I share my story in thirty minutes?a�? he asked, somewhat rhetorically with a smile.

His journey had been a long one.

He quickly jolted his memory and spoke to the audience about his turnaround from being a secular sound system selector to a Christian. He recalled that his life was falling apart at that time and he asked the Lord to fix things for him, with the condition that he would serve Him if He did.

Things then began to change, starting with a transformation in the interactions with his wife.

He recalled receiving an invitation to perform at a major gospel event soon after. He was to perform but only received eight minutes on stage for his delivery.

He asked himself what he could do with eight minutes, the time was so short.

He shared something thereafter that really stirred my spirit.

He said God asked him, a�?Do you know what I can do with eight minutes?a�?

With that he went on stage and gave a stellar performance with the time he was allotted and many hearts were blessed.

viagra canada pharmacy scam. a�?Do you know what I can do?a�? buy viagra or cialis black market. is the question that jumped out at me.

When Rondell spoke I immediately thought of the radio programme that I have been producing and presenting for the past year. Every Friday I am allotted a fifteen minutes slot to share the stories of people all over the island and overseas.

The question challenged me to really put things into perspective. a�?Sandie, do you know what God can do with fifteen minutes? Do you know how many persons can be delivered or be strengthened spiritually because of something that they hear on the programme?a�?

We sometimes do things without a real understanding of what God is doing behind the scenes, but I was so challenged yesterday while Rondell spoke to continue to be about my Fathera��s business.

To know that it is really not about me but rather what God wants to do through the different platforms where He positions us was encouraging. I was reminded to let Him do what He wants to do in the earth and in peoplea��s lives.

What about you? What do you have? What platform or time slot have you been given to steward?

Think about it.

Do you underestimate it, thinking that it is of little or no value?

Dona��t do that.

The things that we do are NOT about us, it is about the One who has designed us with unique gifts and abilities to do His specific work.

DONa��T take where you are or the things that you are prompted to do for granted. I was reminded that God is with us working behind the scenes, adding even greater power to the things we do and say. We cana��t always see and measure the impact, but the conference yesterday reminded me that this is happening.

Let us aim to keep on doing what pleases Him with what we have.

[About the Author: Sandie Heron is a Radio Producer & Presenter on Roots 96.1FM, a community radio station founded by the Mustard Seed Communities. The programme which airs every Friday at 12:45pmA� tells the stories of citizens in Kingston and other communities in Jamaica and overseas who remain positive and who beat the odds despite desperate circumstances.]

[Photo credit: i) Rondell Allen ii) Tamara McKayle, Sandie Heron, Natassia Wright, Crystal Daye]