What do we spend most of our time doing?

My phone got damaged recently and got worse after an attempt to repair it. The screen was somehow jumbled (inside out and upside down).

I was disappointed but somehow there was a confident feeling that it happened for a greater good though I wasna��t yet aware.

I went through my first day in a long time without the instrument and soon the reason for the damage became very clear to me.

That morning I walked to the bus stop as usual and I got the bus I would normally take to work. While on my way with no cell phone to distract me I reflected and had a mini devotion. I got to work early and started my day. At lunch time I stayed at my desk and listened a sermon while I had my lunch – to sum it all up I had a day that was filled with reverence for God.

Now the story would be different if the phone was working. It would sound like this, “Walk to the bus stop – get on the bus I normally take to work, rummage through my blackberry to find something to listen to – listen to what I felt like hearing at that moment – answer a few messages (half of which are utter garbage) – chit chat with friends – arrive at work early, still with the earphones where to buy clomid trusted site. in, oblivious to the world – get started for my busy day.”

In the second scenario the phone would ring, ping and chime, just about every annoying sound one can think of. It made it difficult for me to have time to focus on anything else – especially God. That was order cialis without prescription. how it was for weeks, months, who knows maybe years.

As I noticed the difference in my attitude towards God when I did not have the phone, I started to feel guilty. I realized that I had wasted so much time. I allowed one little thing to not only affect my relationship with God but also my relationship with that special person.

I imagine how disappointed God is when we give more attention to our material things than we give to Him. In Exodus 20:3 He tells us, a�?You shall have no other gods before me…a�? Are we aware that when we continuously focus all our attention on other things in our lives and dismiss Him and His will for us, that we set up what we focus on as gods?

A god may be money, cars, house, jewellery, television, games and yes, even cell phones. We need to have limits and know when it is time to focus on what matters most.

Can you imagine someone saying to God, a�?No, I cana��t pray to you right now because I need to watch the latest episode of Basketball Wives!a�? It sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it?A� Well we may not say it outright but by our actions we say a lot. I am guilty also.

This experience is a big wake up call for me. The phone died but I am still breathing and I am finding better ways to spend my time. I am starting to believe some things we have in our lives are distractions. Some are so small that they go unnoticed but it is good to admit that no matter how small the distraction is our time is still being wasted.If we were to add all the time we spend consumed with some of these things we would be surprised.

The most shocking truth of it all is that if we dona��t make the time necessary for God, He will leave us with no option but to. Something may happen to cause us to run to His presence.

The picture above can be used to depict God’s presence. The sun rises and sets and we witness it most days but it is only a few times that we really stop to appreciate its beauty and magnificence. For some of us it is the same with God. We know He is around, we see His splendor every single day but we take it for granted.

Today i encourage you to spend your time wisely. Take some time to acknowledge God and thank Him for His goodness. Let Him reign supreme in your life. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yu-2g2K7CEI

[Photo credit: http://greenimalist.com]


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