What Will it Take?

This morning I found myself thinking about Tyler Perry, the American Playwright who is well known for his popular Madea plays. What many of us don’t know is the struggle Perry had to go through before he had his big success – before the plays began to generate income, before anyone even knew his name.

For years he wrote and acted in his plays and nothing; poor feedback, empty theatres, little support, low funding. a�?What if he had stopped?a�? I asked a friend as the random thought came to me. What if he had given up on that dream? What if he just thought it was too hard? What if he just felt foolish going at it again and again even after seeming failure? We would never even have known his name and millions would not have been blessed by his productions.A�

I think about all the people who came from nothing and made it. Tyler Perry being one of them and Oprah Winfrey too and if we are to come close to home le prix du cialis en pharmacie. our very own Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce. I know it must not have been easy but their successes in their respective fields prove to us that we can make it too and that in fact all things are possible if we only stick to the game and continue to persevere despite all odds.

This year I am beginning to understand that it does require real strength to get there. The fight is real! Now I understand why so many break while on the journey a�� you really have to have a strong heart and belief system to make it. No average man can do what is necessary to attain greatness. It takes guts! Any man who pushes through adversity, set-backs, disappointments, criticisms is one who is truly extra out of the ordinary and some of us have already done quite a bit of that.

God in his word tells us that He will be our pillar of strength when we most need it. He promises to never leave us nor forsake us but to be with us until the end. He promises to bring whatever He has started in and through us to full completion. Those are the promises we have to hold on to.

Only Heavens know why some dreams have been deposited in our hearts and some have been there since we were children. It is a part of our destiny – that is the very reason it gnaws so much at our souls. That is the reason it triggers real fear when we think, a�?what if it never gets accomplished? What if everyone else is right and I am wrong…? But fear is not of God, I try to remind myself of that and I am reminding you and hope it reaches you as a source of comfort and encouragement today.

He who has started it a�� he who has sparked the idea a�� he who has caused the dream to burn bright in the depths of your soul will provide for its attainment and see it through to completion. It is frightening, trust me I know it is, but we are not in this alone. We just have to take it one day at a time, a�?One more day a�� one more stepa��a�? We just have to keep going. Even when things feel as if it makes no sense a�� we just have to push.

Friend, you have what it takes to get there; dona��t allow your circumstances or the people around you to EVER cause you to doubt that. Be encouraged! Listen to this song.

[Photo credit: Entrepreneur & Personal Development Coach, Winston Henderson – By far one of the most resilient and awe inspiring human beings I know. He is an inspiration to all that our deepest desires are worth pursuing]

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