Who’s the Boss?

I’m not one to watch a movie over and over again. I find no fun in watching anything if I already know what’s going to happen next. But ‘Diary of a Mad Black Woman’ has hooked me. I watch it each time as if it is the first, perhaps because every time I see it, I hear something I hadn’t heard on A�previous occasions.

Well, last Saturday, I sat and watched it for the umpteenth time. This time, I heard something intriguing. How could I have missed such a profound observation?A�

Now we all know the story; rich, black, powerful man (Charles) who thinks he is on top of the world, unfeelingly mistreats his wife, and subsequently buy lamisil. throws her out of their home in the middle of the night. He continues his life as if nothing happened, replacing his wife with a new woman and struts around puffed up with pride and power. What he couldn’t have foreseen however, was the impending tragedy that would shift things around.

Isn’t it amazing that we can actually allow material things to delude us into thinking and acting as if we are untouchable?

The story climaxes on the fateful day of a major trial where he was representing a notorious drug dealer. As misfortune would have it, he lost the case and the accused was sentenced to spend many years in prison. Outraged by the outcome of his trial, his client A�pulled a policeman’s gun and shot him.A�

Before you start rejoicing, A�No! he didn’t die. The point was not to kill him, rather, to put him in a position to see who’s A�boss.A�

Do you know that God does this even today? When we get so full of ourselves and too busy for Him, He allows circumstances to remind us of our limitations versus his greatness. In other words, He puts us in a position to recognize that He is the one in control, and the same God who is gracious enough to bring us up, is the same God who, in one swoop, can bring us down.A�

When we look back at A�the movie, we see the big, bad businessman who had scorned his wife so mercilessly, totally at her mercy, dependent on her to bathe him, clothe him and feed him. He was stripped of everything, including his pride, and he had enough time to sit helplessly in his wheelchair and consider it. Finally, he recalled something his faithful wife had said to him, “Sometimes God has to show us who is boss.”

He realized that his misfortune may have been an act of God, not to destroy him, but to adjust his perspective-to shift his focus from all the mini-gods he had erected in his life, to the ultimate God who he needed to truly fulfill him.

Exodus 34:14 tells us, “The Lord, whose very name is Jealous, is a God who is jealous about his relationship with you.”A�

God wants a relationship with us and from this movie we see a side of God that will stop at nothing to draw us to Him. He is willing to remove all the debris out of his way, everything WE think is valuable and important, just to get to us.A�

This message is to prompt each and every one of us to do a self-check and ask ourselves, “What am I putting A�before God?”, “Where is He on my list of priorities?”

Today, if your life is going great, yet you have done an introspection and seen where your priorities aren’t in order, I encourage you to shift things around, making God first and foremost in your life. We have to be conscious that whatever we put before God and others is an offence to Him, and we put ourselves in jeopardy of losing it.

However, If you have found yourself in a downward spiral and suddenly everything you touch fails, you are not ‘salt’ and this season is not meant to destroy you, rather, God may be trying to get your attention.

The good news is, God is so gracious that once he accomplishes his will, his next step is to restore you. Towards the end of the movie, we find a new Charles, one who has been humbled. He gives his wife the apology she deserved and makes steps towards restitution. Though, He wasn’t able to mend his broken marriage, his mobility begins to return and he is in Church, not just warming the bench, but he goes to the altar to give his life to God. By all indication, God will be playing a crucial part in his life from thereon out.

Mission Accomplished!

Diary flagyl for pigeons. of a Mad Black Woman is such a suitable depiction of what happens when we allow pride, money and the cares of life to separate us from God. But it is also accurate in its portrayal of how gracious God is to restore us and love us despite our downfalls.A�

The mission that God has set out to accomplish in all of our lives is not just to show us who’s boss when we go astray, but to use this lesson to open a way for us to have a relationship with him. Then He is able to have his way by giving us a new leash on life with the right perspectives.A�

The thought I leave with you today is, “In order for God to be big in your life, you have to become small.”

A�“The life of every living thing rests in God’s control, along with the breath of every living human being.”– Job 12:10 (ISV)

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