Wide Open

Walk right in A few months ago I decided to go get training in the area I absolutely love a�� Videography.

The first few days of classes were really exciting. I beamed as my teacher; a professional Videographer demonstrated the techniques of video production.

I was learning about things such as head room, talk space, rule of thirds, screen direction a�� all things I didna��t know before.

It was like a whole new world was opening up before me.

My classes finished at 8:30pm each torsemide. night and most times I got home way pass 10:00pm. After a few weeks I was exhausted from all the travelling so I made an arrangement with a friend of mine to stay at her apartment whenever I had school.

Her apartment was only five minutes from my school which was a blessing.

About two weeks ago, something remarkable happened.

I messaged my friend before class ended to let her know I would soon be there (I could not get access to the apartment unless she opened the gate).

When class ended I stayed behind for a few minutes to ask my teacher a question. When I went outside all my classmates had left save one male who was going in the opposite direction.

a�?Me cyaa believe say everybody gonea�?, I said when I saw him.

I didna��t like the idea of walking alone.

I reached for my cell phone and tried to call my friend but the call would not go through.

As I stood with the male at the front of the school I saw a lady driving out and I quickly stopped her and asked if i could get a ride with her to the apartment. While driving I tried calling my friend again but the calls failed.

I started to feel panic set in as the thoughts came colliding in my head.

a�?What if she doesna��t remember that you are coming? a�� Who will open the gate? a�� You will have to stand outside! a�� Ita��s dark! a�� What if you get robbed? Remember there is no one else outside at that time! a�� What are you going to do?a��

As we got closer to the apartment I could feel my heart pounding. I turned to the lady and trying hard to disguise my panic I said, a�?I am trying to get my friend to open the gate but a�� a�?

I did not get a chance to finish. As she pulled up to the side of the apartment and looked over towards the gate, it was wide open.

I quickly hopped out of the car and said ‘ohhhh the gate is open – thank you!’ and I walked right in.

As I walked through the gate I looked around to see if there was anyone close by who could have opened the gate but I saw no one. Then I thought, ‘Well, perhaps Lisa eventually saw my calls and opened the gate from her unit.’

When I got to her apartment and knocked, Lisa’s wrinkled face greeted me at the door.

a�?Lawd gad Sandie, you know say me come home and drop asleep. A no normally something me do especially when me know you a come but me did so tiada��, she tried to explain.

You didna��t let me in?’, I asked her a little surprised and she said ‘no‘.

She then went in search of her phone after i told her i tried to call.

Sandie bwoiee, seet deh me phone dead dead, all if you did a call you wouldna��t get mea��, she said as she tossed the phone on the bed.

a�?I was so worried when I couldna��t get you but when I got to the gate, it was wide opena��, I told her.

I walked to the balcony and peered through the window at the gate i had just walked through. It was still open.

Well should I close it now?’ I yelled from the balcony and she said, ‘yea‘ and handed me the key.

I pressed the button and watched from the second floor as the gate which was left open for me to enter the apartment closed slowly.

Something truly magnificent was happening before me.

When I got back to the bedroom my friend said, ‘Sandie me try no fi sleep when me know you a come inuh but todaya��

I could barely hear her. The spectacle of the wide open gate was the only thing before me.

a�?I cana��t believe it was opena��, I said softly.

Lisa then looked at me and replied, a�?if you eva doubt say God a walk wid you, him prove it to you tonight.a��

I was learning a very valuable lesson.

Before I drifted off to sleep that night, i thought, ‘Imagine how many doors will be wide open for you when you are doing God’s business. You wont always be able to see them in the physical realm as you did the gate, but many will be there wide open, just waiting for you to walk through.’

It was a wonderful moment of clarity.

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