I stood one day observing people in Half Way Tree.

While there the Holy Spirit rested a question on my heart, “Are you a true worshipper?”

The streets were lined with cars and busy with people making their way back and forth.

I thought about the question as I looked at the buzz of activity and remembered a Sunday when my Pastor preached on the topic of worship.

In his message he said, “worship God even when you are going through a really rough time. Just worship God” (Pastor G. Thompson).

I thought to myself, “that is very hard for one to do. How can one possibly find the strength to worship when they are going through a really rough time? How does one worship when they just received bad news or when they are having a bad day? How does one worship when the bills are piling up? When your life is not where you had imagined it would be?”

I was a young believer at that time.

You see, at this stage in my walk with Christ I did not understand what it was to have a true relationship with God. God had to take me to a level where I had to give total surrender to Him. He opened my eyes to see Him not for what He could give but for who He truly was. That was when my outlook on things began to change. 

Recently I asked two members of my church family to share their worship experience with me and also what it has done for them:

David Foreman told me, “worship for me is a lifestyle, something we should continually do. When trouble arise I just worship because at that moment I experience God’s peace.”

A.W.T shared, “I worship God because it takes me into the Holy of Holies, the glorious presence of God.
I worship God because He is everything to me, He is my Jehovah-Shammah, the Lord who is always there. Jehovah-Shalom, the Lord who gives me peace. He provides my every need because He is Jehovah-Jireh. For me worship is a way of life.”

David and A.W.T. reminded me that there is something that happens when we worship:

1. Worship draws us closer to God;
2. Worship Uplifts the Spirit; and
3. Worship is a Weapon.

As I write this I sense the Lord is speaking concerning worship. He is saying,“let your worship rise from the inside. Just call on my name, I am at the door waiting for you to just knock. I delight in your worship! Though the enemies come to eat your flesh just worship me and I will make your enemies become your foot stool for you shall rise in this season. Let your worship come forth in the way you communicate, in your daily going out and coming in.”

“God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship Him in spirit and in truth.” John 4: 24

Let us continue to stay in the heart of worship, no matter where we are or how we are feeling or what we may be going through.

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About the Author: Shawna-Kay James lives in Jamaica and is a member of Shekinah Intercessors Outreach Ministry. She has a passion for dancing and is the leader of a dancing group called Shofar. Follow her posts each Friday on ourevidence.com

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