God built you to Last

I watched a movie on Saturday night called ’42’. It was about the life of the first black baseball player in America to break the racial barrier. His name is Jackie Robinson.

Being black, Jackie Robinson had to endure all sorts of negativity both on the field and off. He was scorned, ridiculed, gossiped about and hated. Never mind that He was an astounding baseball player, the fact that He was black meant there was something about him to hate.

The Assistant Manager of the team wanted to defend him so badly. Each time someone confronted Jackie, you could almost see the steam coming out of his ears but the teama��s Manager wouldn’t let him jump in and help. Even I was upset because being black meant Jackie could not adequately defend himself without grave consequences (pun intended).

Finally, the Team Manager said something that just blew me away, he said, He can take it, God built him to last.a�?

Wow! What an observation! I wondered how he came to that conclusion.

Strangely enough, what struck me the most out of his comment was the word “built’. Why didn’t he say, “don’t worry about him, he learnt to live with all this already?”. The way the Manager spoke sounded as if Jackie had some sort of built in mechanism that made him capable of withstanding extreme pressure.

So I looked up the world ‘build’ and this is what it means. “To construct (especially something complex) by assembling and joining parts or materials. This definition reminded me of Psalm 139:13, “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb”.

God knit/joined/assembled our complex parts together while we were yet to be born. Isn’t that awesome? From this stage, God already put into us the ability to last through every difficulty we would ever have to face in life; whether in the form of opposition on the job, betrayal by friends, unfaithfulness of a spouse, financial problems, emotional hang-ups. Whatever it is that burdens you, you were given all you needed to be victorious before you were even conceived.A�

You were made/assembled/constructed to conquer!

You have the built in ability to out- last, out-run, out-live, EVERY situation you come up against and this is why Romans 8:37 says, in all these things you are MORE than a conqueror through Him who loves you. In other words, before you even came upon the problem, you already conquered it. It cannot break or kill you because God prepared you for it by placing in you the ability to survive…He built you to last.

Someone would say, if this is so, then why do men and women have nervous breakdowns, commit suicide or give up on life? My answer would be, because we aren’t using what God gives us. Consider this, God gave us intelligence, but many people don’t use that either and do foolish things that have adverse effects on their lives . Could we blame God for that?

Some things come up against us that feels and looks so overwhelming that its difficult to even conceive an end to it. But when we know that God has equipped to have a victorious life, we don’t have to worry, we can start rejoicing even in the middle of the trial, believing that we are coming out by the grace of God and nothing can stop that.

It may not feel good. You may cry and have moments of doubt, even anger, prednisone no rx needed. but the promise of God is, it will not last forever because you were not designed to stay in the valley, rather, your place is on the mountain top.

Jackie Robinson had moments too when he cried, and got angry and felt overwhelmed. At one point, he almost gave up playing baseball altogether and had to be talked back on the field but he did not give up. With strength and humility, he did prove his Manager’s words and broke not only racial barriers but went on to become a champion for African-American athletes, civil rights and other social and political causes.

He didn’t just last through his struggle,he out-lasted it. Long after his fight ended, he was still beating it, still squeezing every ounce of victory out of it. You could say he showed his problem who was boss. How inspiring is that?

So today, I am challenging you to do the same. Get up, look at that issue squarely and with authority speak to it. It will not last, it has to go because you are master over it, not the other way around. Change your outlook and see yourself as more than a conqueror because God’s word says you are. And when what you perceive and what you say agree, you’ll begin to see a glimmer of light piercing through those dark clouds and ultimately illuminate your life.

Why don’t you declare today what God had already done in you. Lay hold of the surety of your victory. You will not only survive this but you will master it far better than you could have ever imagined.A�



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