You are stronger than you think

There are some days when you have to push despite how you feel. There are days when you have to drag yourself out of bed to get to work when everything is telling you to grab the sheets and take cover. There are days when tears are near but you have to hold it in just to stay strong.

There are days when friends and family members fail to offer comfort. On those days you have to dig deep to find the inner strength and courage to carry on.

There are days when things seem dim.

There are days when you cry out to God but receive no buy effexor delivery to africa. answer and keep crying nonetheless because you know only He can understand and help you.

Yea, there are those days.

Here you are thinking that those days make you weak when those are the days that make you strong. It takes so much strength to do what you do. It takes strength to put a smile on your face when everything is going haywire. It takes strength to hold that child and offer him/her love when you yourself feel neglected. It takes strength to give away the last dollar you have to cater to someone elsea��s need. It takes strength to hold in tears because someone is depending on you. It takes so much cheap prescription cialis. strength.

Today I am talking to people who can relate. If you have it all together, this post is certainly not for you. But you my dear readers, who feel as if you are at the end of the rope, this word is for you.

You feel as if you are so drained and cannot take one step further. You feel as if this is it. Today I am encouraging you just to hold on a bit longer. The breakthrough you have been praying for is well on its way. All you are seeing are the things that seem to be going wrong and those you cana��t quite get right but all these things are deceivers! You are not a failure! Someone really needs to hear this today a�� you need to hear and believe this today – you are not a failure!

Just keep holding on. Just keep persevering.

The line of a popular song says, a�?a��I just cana��t give up now, I come too far from where I started from. Nobody told me that the road would be easy and I dona��t believe He [God] brought me this far a�� to leave mea��’]

Let that line comfort you today. Let it reach down into the depth of your soul and rise up as a declaration that will keep you. Let it come as a reminder of the importance of persevering. While you persevere, know that you are not alone. You are never ever alone. Everyday your refusal to quit takes you one step closer to that which you are hoping for.

Do not give up!

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